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Harben®... throughout the world it's the oldest and most respected name in high pressure, low flow hydro jetting.


Whether you are interested in purchasing jetting equipment, have an industrial or commercial application for high pressure water pumps or want answers to specific questions about a jetting product or service, you've come to the right place.

From our location in southern California, Harben California is an independent, authorized service center and dealer for Harben, Inc., manufacturers of jetting equipment, pumps, accessories and repair parts.  Learn more

For further information about Harben, Inc., or the name of an authorized service center near you, please visit www.harben.com.

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Waiting for your jetter, but have jobs that need doing? Rent a jetter from Harben California

Call us for availability and pricing. 949-922-3481


Purchase or lease equipment and get a tax stimulus

Write-off up to $500,000 of jetting and other qualifying equipment in the same year it is purchased or leased.

There’s more! Take a 50% bonus depreciation deduction in 2018 for new equipment purchased up to a total value of $2,000.000.

Reduce the impact of financing expense in the first year... give yourself a year to build income from your new jetter.

Section 179 of the IRS code provides one of the few incentives in any of the recently passed stimulus bills that actually helps small business. Even if you have no taxable income in the year of purchase, simply carry the tax credit forward to the next year. Visit our financing page to learn more about leveraged write-offs. And, visit our FAQ to learn more about Section 179 deductions.

Sewer Hose Repair Available

We will correctly match sewage dies, menders, male, and female fittings to repair any high pressure jet hose.

Used Jetters

Do you have a jetter that you want to sell or trade? We’ll buy your used U.S. Jetting, Mongoose or Harben trailer jetter for cash or trade on a new Harben jetter. Ask us for an offer!

Harben's Light Van Pack scores big with contractors

Designed for high cube service vans, Harben's Light Van Pack provides contractors with a full size 4018 jetter equipped with Harben's proven pump reliability. Owners keep their jetter under wraps and impress their customers with the cleaning power of 18 gpm and 4,000 psi.   Learn more

Jet Speed Plumbing buys it’s 5th Harben jetter

A year after venturing into the hydro-jetting business with its first Harben jetter, this 76-year old greater Los Angeles area company--doing business principally as Ritz Plumbing and Heating—has added four more Harben jetters.

Southwest Pipeline Buys 5th Harben Jetter

Harben jetters are the equipment of choice by Southwest Pipeline and Trenchless Corp. a leader in trenchless pipeline rehabilitation projects.   Learn more

Why Jet with 4,000 psi?

  • Emulsify grease; shred roots; blast through blockages
  • Clear sludge, blow out rocks and scour pipe interiors in a single pass.
  • Maximize the efficiency of high tech nozzles and cutting tools

Why Buy Harben?

The simple answer: unequalled pump reliability and performance

  • Harben pumps run thousands of hours without significant repairs or downtime
  • 5-year “P” pump warranty... standard
  • Pulsate up to 2,500 psi on demand
  • Run Harben pumps dry—indefinitely
  • Pump solvents, reclaimed water and salt water.

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New Services Offered!

We now offer hose repair and jetter rentals! If you've ordered a jetter and are waiting patiently for it to arrive, you might need a rental jetter in the meantime. We have you covered! Jetter rentals are subject to availability, so contact us today. We're now offering sewer hose repair, too. If your sewer hose needs repair, we can help. Call 949-922-3481.

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