About Harben California*

Harben California* is independently owned and operated by All American Sewer Tools, an authorized dealer and service center for Harben®, Inc., headquartered in Cumming, GA. Harben California is not affiliated with Harben®, Inc. or Flowplant Group Ltd., the parent company of Harben®, Inc. To learn more about Harben®, Inc. and Harben® products, please visit www.harben.com.

From its southern California location, Harben California sells Harben jetters, repair parts, tools and operating accessories to its customer base of local governments, municipal contractors, plumbing contractors, pipeline rehabilitation contractors and property management companies.

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Developed more than 40 years ago, Harben radial piston pumps have earned a worldwide reputation for unequalled versatility and reliability. Harben pumps operate with moving parts fully submerged in oil. And, they pump a variety of liquids including reclaimed/recycled fresh water, sea water and solvents without corrosion or wear. Harben backs the reliability of its pumps with 5-year warranties.

Harben pumps are used in an impressive variety of applications. Sea water is used to cool nuclear reactors on U.S. and U.K. nuclear powered ships and submarines. Diesel fuel is used by refineries to clean pipes and vessels of petrochemical waste. Industrial users span the marine, automotive, rail, automotive, mining, power generation and construction industries in applications ranging from pipe cleaning to surface scouring and deburring of machined parts.