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We also do hose repair! Contact us about sewer hose repair.

Hose Products

Harben California sells premium high pressure thermoplastic sewer hose, lateral hose, leader hose and swage fittings supplied by leading U.S. manufacturers including Parker-Hannifin, Piranha Hose Products and Poly Flow.

If you’re comparing prices...

Contact us for a quote. We ship hose to all U.S. destinations. And, if you’re looking for flexible hose guides and leader hose, we stock these item

Hose products

Storage Reels and Transportable Carts

Harben California provides heavy duty storage reels and transportable carts to help Harben owners achieve the jetting versatility built into each Harben jetter.

  • Conveniently store and safely transport high pressure lateral hose for use at remote job sites
  • Store low pressure garden hose on Harben jetters to continually load water into the water tank while jetting.
  • Select from hand crank, powered and spring retractable reels produced by leaning U.S. manufacturers including Reelcraft, Hannay and Cox.
  • Need installation assistance? Call us.

Learn more from pdf documents, pictures, features and specifications.

Storage reels and carts

Counters & Level Wind Guides

Hose level wind guides help operators load hose on reels in tight, even wraps. This eliminates ”bird nesting”—tangled loops of hose that prevent the hose from unwrapping easily. Add counters to locate the position of nozzles in pipes. Select either tube style or reel rotation assemblies.

Need replacement footage counters?

We stock replacement Redington and Durant mechanical counters with right or left hand drive stems and clockwise or counterclockwise stem rotation. Call us to identify the counter you need.

Counters and level wind guides
Counters and level wind guides

Hose Repair Tools

Repair or replace damaged hose

Practice “safety first”. Cuts that sever the internal braid—even if minor in nature—can lead to hose failure, severe injury, death and property damage. Immediately remove kinked, crushed or blistered hose from service.

Don’t attempt to repair hose worn smooth from use. Never use hose with fittings that leak or move when the hose is pressurized.

If you choose to make repairs...

We’ll correctly match swage dies, mender, male and female fittings to repair any high pressure jet hose sized from 3/16” ID to 1-1/4” ID,

Don’t have a swage repair tool? Learn more. We carry two mechanical tools for reliable repairs in the shop or at the job site. Don’t be caught without a jetter when a simple hose repair will solve the problem!

If you’re confused by the significance of interior or exterior colors used by manufacturers to identify hose pressure ratings and construction materials, call us for answers.

Hose repair tools
Hose repair tools