Jetting Equipment

Trailer Jetters

Jet at flow rates up to 18 gpm and pressures up to 4,000 psi. Do it all: emulsify grease; shred roots; blow out rocks; flush sludge from sewers; scour surfaces. Harben’s versatile single axle, light weight trailers deliver peak performance and maximize investment returns. And, your investment is protected by Harben’s exclusive 5-year pump warranty.

Trailer jetters for hydro-jetting applications

Truck Mounted Skid Jetters

Jet at flow rates up to 40 gpm and 10,000 psi. Load 600 gallons of water on 14-ft. beds. Negotiate narrow alleys and climb steep grades with gasoline or diesel powered conventional and cab over trucks. Jet off road from 4-wheel drive trucks and all-terrain vehicles. Add high capacity hose reels for longer runs.

Truck mounted skid jetters

Compact Skids for Cargo Vans

Jet at flow rates up to 18 gpm and pressures up to 4,000 psi. Install Harben’s Light Van Pack in service bodies and cargo vans with room to spare for other equipment and tools. Harben’s radial piston diaphragm pump delivers constant pressure and flow—no cleaning gaps; no hose shock. And, you’ll rest easy with Harben’s 5-year pump warranty.

Harben compact skid jetters

Century Jetters for Demanding Hydro-Jetting Applications

The Century is designed for the most demanding hydro-jetting applications with available flow rates up to 40 gpm and pressures to 10,000 psi. The Century is transportable, light weight and designed to operate in harsh environments. Choose from six Century pump models in a selection of truck, trailer and skid configurations. The Century has a proven history of success in hundreds of industrial, marine, aerospace and public works applications.

Harben Century jetter for hydro-jetting applications

Jetters for Industrial, Confined Space, Off-Road & Marine Applications

These jetters allow you to access job sites in remote areas with rough, overgrown or steep terrain. Units may be mounted on stationary racks, wheeled carts, off-road ATVs or inside enclosed vans.

Harben jetters for industrial, confined space, off-road, and marine applications

Harben Owner List

Harben jetters are chosen by independent contractors, municipalities and special districts throughout southern California for dependability and quality performance.