Harben Century Jetter

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The Century solves a range of hydro-jetting and blasting challenges. With the variable pressure and flow capabilities of the Harben Century pump, operators can adjust the machine's output from 10,000 psi at 14 gpm to 2,000 psi at 23.5 gpm. Other pressure and flow combinations are available to provide flow rates up to 32 gpm.

The advanced radial piston diaphragm design of the Century pump achieves several distinguishing capabilities:

  • Operate with fresh, reclaimed and salt water as well as well as many chemical and petro-chemical solvents.
  • No moving parts to corrode, wear or fatigue.
  • Run dry indefinitely without water
  • Achieve constant pressure and flow without the need for accumulators to dampen pulsation
  • Long term reliability. Run the Century pump for thousands of hours without a major overhaul

Power the Century pump with an electric motor or industrial class diesel engine. Configure the Century as a skid, trailer or truck mounted machine.

The Century pump has proven its value in a diverse range of applications:

  • Tube and tank cleaning for refining, beverage processing and distilling operations
  • Removal of tuberculation, lime and calcium deposits from underground sewer, water and drain pipes
  • Hydro-excavation through bedrock
  • Steel billet descaling and deburring of cast ceramic and metal parts
  • Concrete and steel surface cleaning: rubber removal from airport runways; road surface texturing; paint and rust removal; hull reconditioning in shipyard repair facilities

The following graph illustrating performance data for the Century type pump is available in PDF format:

Harben Century pump performance data
Harben Century trailer jetter

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Harben Century trailer jetter
Harben Century trailer jetter
Harben Century trailer jetter
Harben Century trailer jetter
Harben Century trailer jetter
Harben Century trailer jetter frame body


  • Engine: Air or water cooled diesel engines, 80 h.p. to135 h.p., as determined by pump input requirements
  • Options: Electric: 3 phase, 460 volt
  • Pump: Harben Century type. Radial piston diaphragm design
  • Water Tank: Twin - 200 gallons (908 liters), standard capacity Repairable U.V. protected polyethylene construction.
  • Hose Reel: Variable-speed hydraulic-rotation hose reel for ½” to ¾”high pressure hose depending on pump pressure & flow requirements. Hose included.
  • Dimensions: 127” lg. x 72” wide x 77” high
  • Weight: Dry weight: 3,212 lbs. Wet weight: 5,500 lbs with standard capacity water tanks
Pump Performance OptionsPressureFlow
422.519700 bar/10,150 psi52 l/min/13.73 gpm
425.019700 bar/10,150 psi66 l/min/17.42 gpm
427.519470 bar/6,815 psi80 l/min/21.12 gpm
822.519*700 bar/10,150 psi105 l/min/27.72 gpm
825.019700 bar/10,150 psi128 l/min/32.79 gpm
827.519470 bar/6,815 psi155 l/min/40.92 gpm

* For example: The 822.519 Century pump produces 55 L/min at 700 Bar (14.52 gpm @ 10,150 psi), and 100 L/min at 140 Bar (26.4 gpm @ 2,030 psi) - just by changing the nozzle!