Harben Trailer Jetters

Choose a Harben trailer jetter that matches your requirements and budget.

  • Water tank capacities from 100 to 600 gallons
  • Single, dual or triple axle trailers
  • Three alternative liquid or air cooled industrial class diesel engines
  • Variable pump flow and pressure rates:
    • Up to 18 gpm and 4,000 psi with Harben's standard "P" pump
    • Up to 25 gpm and 4,000 psi with Harben's Hi-Q pump
    • Up to 38 gpm and 10,000 psi with Harben's Century pump

Do you think Harben trailer jetters cost more? Think again. Harben pumps run thousands of hours without significant repairs. Save up to $1,800 annually from foregone repair bills. Avoid the costly burdens of equipment downtime and unexpected service disruptions.

Want more? Get a 5-year guarantee free with Harben pumps.   Learn more

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2017 Spring and Summer Special Offer

While you’re inspecting the wide range of trailer, truck and skid mounted hydro-jetting machines offered by Harben California, be sure to view and print a copy of the Harben model E trailer jetter 2017 Spring and Summer Special.

Standard Features—a pictorial guide

Optional Features—a pictorial guide

Model E

Jet up to 18 gpm & 4,000 psi

The letter “E” expresses it best—efficiency. Harben’s benchmark, value added “E” model trailer jetter is equipped with Harben’s dependable rotary piston diaphragm pump, an industrial class air cooled diesel engine, 300 gallon capacity water tank and 500-feet of ½-inch high pressure hose. The “E” model jetter is built on a durable single axle trailer frame for maneuverability and towing ease. Jet for thousands of hours at flow rates up to 18 gpm and pressures up to 4,000 psi without major pump repairs.

Harben Model E trailer jetter


Jet up to 18 gpm & 4,000 psi with a pivoting reel

Get the same quality features that are standard on all E-series models. The E45 adds a pivoting hose reel in narrow or standard widths to improve the jetter’s accessibility to work sites. Carry up to up to 700-feet of ½-inch high pressure hose.

Harben E45 trailer jetter


Jet up to 18 gpm & 4,000 psi with a wide angle pivoting reel

When you need a hose reel with a wide angle pivot, choose the E180. Enjoy all the same features of the “E” model jetter plus additional versatility. Wheel fender tops are flattened to permit the addition of stainless steel tool boxes or storage racks. Add a full width tool box at the rear for the secure storage of high pressure guns and lances.

Harben E180 trailer jetter


Jet up to 18 gpm & 4,000 psi with a compact 110 gallon water tank

Equipped with a 110 gallon tank, the DT 110 offers Harben's advanced jetting technology on a compact, maneuverable trailer. This model is equipped with a dependable, long lasting air cooled diesel engine, Harben "P" pump and 500' of 1/2" hose wrapped on a hydraulically powered reel. Like “E” series models, all paintable surfaces are powder coated for durability in harsh environments.

Harben DT110 trailer jetter


Jet up to 40 gpm & 10,000 psi for the most demanding jobs

When hydro-jetting applications or water blasting demand higher pressure water pumps, choose the Harben Century. Century pumps are configured to deliver pressures up to 10,150 psi and flow rates up to 40 gpm. Achieve variable flow rates by simply changing nozzles. Customize Century trailer units with a selection of engines, hose reels, hose and tools appropriate for specific jetting applications.

Harben Century trailer jetter


Jet up to 25 gpm @ 4,000 psi with Harben's HiQ pump

Choose the 4025 for conventional hydro-jetting applications requiring a higher flow rate without the sacrifice of high pressure. The 4025 is equipped with Harben’s HiQ radial piston diaphragm pump. Jet at flow rates up to 25 gpm and pressures up to 4,000 psi to flush larger diameter pipe of heavy sludge and mixed debris. Dual and triple axle, 4025 trailer jetters are equipped with two 300-gallon capacity U.V. protected poly water tanks, an 700-ft. x 5/8-in. capacity hydraulic powered hose reel and an industrial class diesel engine, rated 79 h.p.

Harben 4052 trailer jetter


Jet up to 35 gpm @ 2,050 psi

Removing roots and flushing sewers in residential neighborhoods is uncomplicated and efficient with Harben’s 2035 jetter. This dual axle trailer jetter features two 300-gallon capacity U.V. protected poly water tanks, a hydraulic powered pivoting hose reel with 500 ft. of 3/4-in. thermoplastic sewer hose, a tri-plex piston water pump and a 4-cylinder air cooled industrial class diesel engine rated 65 h.p.

Harben 2035 trailer jetter