Harben Light Van Pack

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The Light Van Pack is an ideal choice for contractors with customized cargo vans and service bodies with cleaning requirements in small drains up to 6-inches. Here’s why:

Compare to cable machines

Unlike cable machines, the Light Van Pack jetter easily adapts to a variety of pipe cleaning requirements regardless of pipe age, size or cleaning requirements.

The Light Van Pack jetter makes it possible to easily scour drain pipes and laterals of grease and light coatings of chemical scale. With precision rotating nozzles available from Harben California, all traces of root intrusion may be safely removed without pipe damage.

Compare to pressure washers

More than a converted pressure washer, the Light Van Pack jetter does it all.

  • Plumbers and contractors can choose from a wide selection of Harben supplied hose, cutting tools and nozzles to thoroughly clean pipe sized from 1-1/2-in. to 10-in. and up to 500-ft. long.
  • Add available high pressure safety guns, lances and nozzles to safely clean grease, paint and gum from hard, porous surfaces.
  • To confront special challenges, chemicals and abrasives may be injected into the jet stream with Harben's abrasive injector kit.
  • Have a spill clean-up problem or flooded basin? Add Harben's jet vacuum pump. Easily dispose of liquids and solids up to 4-in.

Quality construction throughout

The Light Van Pack jetter is designed and built by the leaders in high pressure jetting. Skid frames are built from sectional tubular steel and powder coated for durability. Major components are supplied by the world’s leading manufacturers of engines, pumps and hose with decades of proven performance.

Think you can find a better pump?

Harben's rotary piston diaphragm pump is protected by a 5-year warranty and produces a constant peak flow rate of 18 gpm with pressure ratings up to 4,000 psi.

And, with Harben's adjustable flow diverter valve, operators can dial down the pump's flow rate to clean the smallest pipe with available 3/16-in. hose - all without degrading pressure.

Safety is paramount

Choose the Light Van Pack to safeguard operators, your customers and the machine from damage or injury.

  • Harben protects the pump, operators and jetting equipment with a pressure relief valve. This assures owners that over-pressure water is returned safely and automatically to the tank without operator intervention.
  • All Light Van Pack skid units are fitted with safety features including an emergency stop, a protective circuit breaker, automatic low water engine shut down device and automatic water tank fill shut off.
  • On-site operator training is included by Harben California with the delivery of each Van Pack. Supplemental training is available at additional cost at any time following delivery of the machine.
  • Harben California's "Equipment Inspection and Preventive Maintenance Service" helps protect the Light Van Pack from abnormal wear and safeguard its operation.

Documents downloadable in Adobe pdf format:

Harben Light Van Pak jetter mounted in van body

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Harben Light Van Pak jetter mounted in van body
Harben Light Van Pak jetter mounted in van body
Harben Light Van Pak jetter mounted in van body
Harben Light Van Pak jetter
Harben Light Van Pak jetter
Harben Light Van Pak jetter
Harben Light Van Pak jetter
Harben Light Van Pak jetter

Pictures in the first row, left to right:

  1. Light Van Pack installed in a Mercedes Sprinter cargo van
  2. Two hose reels: low pressure garden fill hose and high pressure 1/2-in. x 500-ft. jet hose
  3. Interior—plenty of extra space to add an optional second 110-gal. water tank

Pictures in the second row, left to right:

  1. 110 gal. capacity poly water tank
  2. 110-gal. capacity poly water tank and 10- gal. anti-freeze recirculation tank
  3. Yellow garden fill hose and 1/2-in. x 500-ft. capacity hydraulically powered rotating jet hose reel

Pictures in the third row, left to right:

  1. Full size Harben "P" pump—up to 18 gpm; up to 4,000 psi; 1/2-in. x 500-ft. light weight jet hose
  2. Kubota 48 h.p. diesel engine


  • Water tank construction: Light weight, UV protected poly tank. 5-year warranty
  • Water tank capacity: 110-gallons with custom sizes available at additional cost
  • Water pump: Rotary piston diaphragm design for constant pressure and flow. Peak flow rate and pressure 18 gpm and 4,000 psi. 5-year warranty
  • Skid dimensions and weight: 72" lg. x 42" w. x 60-1/2" h. Weight, 1,380 pounds empty. Designed to fit customized vans and service bodies
  • Jet hose: 1/2" ID x 500-ft. high pressure thermoplastic hose with a rated operating pressure of 4,000 psi
  • Engine: Powered by a Kubota 48 h.p. 4-cylinder industrial class, water cooled diesel engine