Nozzles and Tools

Through its affiliate, All American Sewer Tools, Harben California supplies nozzles and tools for a wide variety of applications including pipe cleaning and flushing, hydro-excavation and surface scouring.

A few of the more popular nozzles and tools used in the operation of Harben jetting equipment are described on product pages provided on this site and on downloadable PDF files listed below.

Contact us for product literature and specifications or to learn more about nozzles, lances, guns, scrubbers and manhole tools applicable to your cleaning requirements.

Select and download any of the following Adobe PDF documents or select product pages for information about Warthog nozzles and flushing and penetrating nozzles. Then, call us or send a fax or e-mail for price quotes and availability.

Documents downloadable in Adobe pdf format:

Warthog Nozzles

Warthog nozzles are the plumbing industry's gold standard for emulsifying grease and shredding roots.

Warthog nozzles for jetting applications

Flushing and Penetrating Nozzles

Jet at peak pressures from 3,000 psi to 10,000 psi. Why flood pipes with water? Let pressure do the cleaning. Constant pressure. Harben pumps deliver constant pressure.

Flushing and penetrating nozzles for jetting applications

Chisel Point Nozzle

These nozzles feature four penetrating forward jets--1 set at 0-degrees; 3 set at 15-degrees--and 4 rear jets set at 20-degrees. Penetrate severe blockages and flush mixed debris from laterals into main lines.

Enz USA Chisel point nozzle for jetting applications

Ellipse Penetrator & Grenade Nozzles

These dome shaped nozzles are supplied with 6 replaceable rear jets arrayed in a radial pattern, angled at 30-degrees. Nozzles are supplied with or without forward penetrating jets.

Enz USA Ellipse nozzle for jetting applications

Skids and Pipe Extensions

Achieve maximum performance and cleaning efficiency from your jetter with skids designed to center nozzles in pipelines. Protect nozzle heads from wear. Keep nozzles from veering into laterals or turning around in larger pipe. Clean pipe interiors evenly.

Skids and pipe extensions for centering nozzles in pipelines