Manhole Tools

Improve cleaning efficiency and work safety with a variety of manhole tools. Choose from grabbers, scoops, baskets, pole sets, hooks and claws. Don’t see what you need? Just ask. All tools are fabricated locally, often to your exact specifications. Download and copy the pdf document. Call or send us an email for prices or additional informaton.

Manhole tools

Picks and Hooks

Loosen and remove manhole covers. Select from rugged snub nose or rocker head hooks. Each hook is available with 30” or 36” hex shafts with your choice of in-line or rotated grab handles.

Need a tough sledge hammer to loosen tight manhole covers? Try the Mary A© pick and hammer—a practical two-in-one tool custom designed for contractors, municipalities and agencies with responsibilities for wastewater collectioon systems maintenance.

Picks and hooks
Mary A

Pole Set

Easily attach any of the manhole tools sold by Harben California to these poles. Poles are provided in easy to transport 6-ft. sections and assembled in any length with quick connect fittings. Or, choose threaded connections. Poles are lightweight and sturdy with steel reinforced fiberglass to protect against shocks.

Pole set